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World-Wide Cancellations Due to the Coronavirus

Written by  April 1, 2020

Indy in Birmingham, Thunder Beach Spring Rally, Daytona, The Kentucky Derby, and the Olympics, just to name a few among the countless events canceled due to the Coronavirus.



Well the country, actually the world is in a state of crisis due to the Coronavirus. There are people getting sick and deaths are occurring at an alarming rate, we've had to make drastic changes to our life styles, events, rides rallies etc have had to be canceled or rescheduled. The problem with rescheduling is, no one knows WHEN it’s safe to reschedule to.

Even buying groceries has changed from what we are used to, people are being asked to shelter in place, it’s just a very weird, scary state that we find ourselves in right now.

Colds, Flu and other virus bugs have long since been transmitted through touch, long before the Corona Virus, so we should have long ago adopted the practice of washing our hands well and often and keeping hand sanitizers close at hand. Currency is also a HUGE germ transmitter, so immediately after handling it you should wash or use hand sanitizer...before touching ANYTHING else and possibly depositing said germs on another surface you would touch...and keep your hands away from your face.

If we get in the habit of doing these things, you might even be surprised at the fact that you may see fewer colds as well, and we WILL get through this.

Bikers practice a form of social distancing with "stagger-riding", so we should still be able to get out and get some "Wind-Therapy", if we are cautious. We are wearing gloves already, maybe we should leave them on when we are pumping gas,; you never know what kind of "bug" the last person getting gas has left for you on the handle.

We can do this guys, the hard part for us bikers is to NOT SHAKE HANDS, NO HUGGING and NO MOTORBOATS for a while!

God Bless and keep you all safe and well!IMG 6542IMG 6538IMG 6530IMG 6520IMG 6521IMG 6522IMG 6523IMG 6524IMG 6528IMG 6546IMG 6541